3-5 Links

Click the links below to access fun websites.

funbrain logo
Fun and interactive learning games for K-5.
whyfiles logo
Current science news and cool facts. 3-5.
turtlediary logo
Games, books, videos, biographies and more for K-5.
PBS Kids
Fizzy's Lunch Lab
Games, activities and recipes to learn about good fun foods. K-5.
Join Disney characters in adventures about internet safety. 2-5.
smithsonianeducation logo
Explore art, science, nature, history and cultures through games, activities and quizzes. 3-5.
TIME for kids logo
Current news for kids, international country facts and information and more! 3-5.
encyclopedia.com logo
Get facts, information, biographies, and definitions with online encyclopedias and dictionaries. 3-5.
Wonderopolis logo
A place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery
code.org logo
Fun coding games
Speed typing - authentic speed test and games.
Fact Monster logo
Brief facts about everything you can images. K-8.
Free typing games and
homework help
Punnet Square logo
Punnet Square Animation