K-2 Links

Click the links below to access fun websites for students in grades K-2!

funbrain logo
Fun and interactive learning games for K-5.
goat on computer
Dance Mat keyboarding practice for 1-2.
turtlediary logo
Games, books, videos, biographies and more for K-5.
Nutrition education games to help kids create healthy meals. umigo logo
Math and engineering games for young kids, Pre-K-1.
PBS Kids Oh Noah!
PBS learning website teaching basic Spanish
Fizzy's Lunch Lab
PBS - Games, activities and recipes to learn about good fun foods. K-5.
Educational Computer Games for Kids. K-5
Cat in the Hat PBS
Science adventures with online games, videos, and printable activities . K-3.
Key Seeker logo
Key Seeker left and right hand keyboarding for Kindergarten.
planet nutshell logo
Planet Nutshell: Internet Safety animated videos. K-3.
storylineonline logo
Actors read children's picture books online. K-3.
Free Online Books through DaybydayID.org BaseTen
Make numbers using base ten blocks. K-1.
factmonster logo
Brief facts about everything you can images. K-8.
Starfall, The basics of reading. PK-1.
NG Kids.jpg
National Geographic listen and read non-fiction. K-2.