Frequently Asked Questions

New Billing System

Will families be able to pay for multiple days at a time?  Yes.

Will children who qualify for free and reduced lunches be eligible for the 25% tuition discount? Yes.  

So I’d imagine the Adventure Club will be invoicing us based on the days we’ve selected each month for attendance and billing us that way?  The prepay system will not require invoicing.  You will prepay, so invoices won’t be needed.  You should be able to print the screen where your invoice is calculated if the system works as is intended.

What happens if someone pre-pays and then their kid gets sick?   We are trying to build in flexibility for schedule changing, including parent changes for sick kids.  The system is still in development.


May children entering the seventh grade in the fall attend the summer program?  Yes.  


Will siblings be grouped together throughout the summer months?  Siblings will only be grouped together if they fall within the same age group.  However, children of all ages are together for meals, swimming, rock climbing, gymnastics, and movies.  During Summer 2017, children were grouped by age for specific field trips and activities.  The age groups were usually: kindergarten; first and second grades; third and fourth grades; and fifth to sixth grades.   Groupings are dependent upon the age demographics of each particular summer.

May families drop off children curbside? No.  Children must be brought into the cafeteria and signed in and/or out each day.

What happens if we pick up our child after 6pm?  You will be billed $1 per minute after 6pm.

Is lunch provided by the Adventure Club during the Summer Program? If the Summer Free Lunch Program operates, then all children walk over to the free lunch location and may eat free lunches.  On days when the Summer Free Lunch Program does not operate, Adventure Club participants must pack their own lunches.  Packed lunches must not require heating or cooling, and should include a non-carbonated beverage.