Family Billing

Adventure Club: Integrated Enrollment & Prepayment

Afterschool Days

Afterschool Days include all Adventure Club days that occur after school between 3pm and 5:30pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Afterschool days cost $8.50 per day.  The fee includes supplies and one snack per day.  Families register for days in pairs during the hybrid model, Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.  Families may register for both pairs of days.

Non-School & Summer Activity Days

Non-school days include all Adventure Club days that occur during non-school days like teacher in-service days, holidays, and summer days.  Non-school days cost $24.50 per day.  The fee includes all field trips and two snacks per day.


A 25 percent discount is given for children qualifying for the United States Department of Agriculture’s free and reduced lunch program; the reduced lunch discount begins Summer 2018.  If a child is from a different school district, a charter school, or a private school, proof of free lunch eligibility may be emailed to David Pierce-Garnett, the program director at  

View Transactions

To view transactions from a date range the user selects, follow the following steps:
  1. Log into the Adventure Club EZChildTrack Parent Portal
  2. Click on View Statement in Payments & Statements section
  3. Select a date range in the Transactions section
  4. Click on View Statement