Program Expectations
Mask Wearing Protocols

  • Masks are “Highly Recommended” for those who are not vaccinated while we are in a stage green as a community. 
  • If the community is moved back to yellow or red, a policy change will likely occur.
  • Harassment concerning the choice of wearing or not wearing a mask will not be tolerated under this new policy. Please remember someone may be wearing their mask for the following reasons.
  • Please note, if a positive case is within the school, quarantine requirements will be decided based on proximity as well as if a mask was being worn.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure their child wears their mask if that is the desire of the parent. Teachers will remind students to wear their masks appropriately if they are wearing the mask.
  • The exclusion return model is still valid for staff and students.

Parent/Guardian Expectations of the Adventure Club

  • Children are cared for in a safe, supportive environment.
  • They may visit with the staff about concerns related to their children or the program.
  • They are informed about any misbehavior on the part of their children, and will be able to conference with the staff in order to bring about improvement of the situation.
  • They are informed promptly if their children do not arrive at the program according to their enrollment information.
  • The staff regularly announces program activities.

The Adventure Club’s Expectations of Parents/Guardians

  • Pay fees on time.
  • Keep enrollment records up-to-date.
  • Pick up children on time.
  • Follow the health policy.
  • Contact the staff if their children will not be attending on a scheduled day.
  • Pay attention to any communications from staff regarding their children’s behavior, and cooperate in efforts to bring about improvement in the situation.

Children’s Expectations of the Program

  • To have a safe, supportive, and consistent environment.
  • To use all program equipment, materials, and facilities on an equal basis.
  • To receive respectful treatment from other children and staff.
  • To have discipline that is fair and non-punitive.
  • To receive nurturing care from staff who are actively involved with them.
  • To be able to participate in interesting, developmentally appropriate activities.
  • To be able to choose, whenever possible, from a variety of activities.

Program’s Expectations of the Children

  • Responsibility for one’s actions.
  • Respect the rules that guide them during the day and while at the program.
  • Remain with the group and program staff at all times.
  • Take care of materials and equipment properly, returning them when done.
  • Arrive at Adventure Club promptly, according to enrollment information.
  • Refrain from physical or emotional harm to others and themselves.