About MMS Library, Policies and Hours


Contact Information

Juliana Schiweck, Teacher Librarian
Kelly Watson, Library Media Assistant

(208) 882-3577

1410 East D Street
Moscow, Idaho 83843

Library Hours
8:00 a.m. - 3:06 p.m.
3:06 - 3:35 p.m. Depending on staff availability

Library Media Center

The Library Media Center is an integral part of the educational program at Moscow Middle School. Students have access to a wide variety of resources with reading levels 2.5 through 12+. The librarian's job is to prepare our students to be 21 Century Learners and effective users of information and ideas. The library staff helps students and staff in an environment conducive to learning, provides appropriate and adequate information resources, and models the behavior of lifelong readers and learners.

Checkout Policy

  • Students may have up to five items (books, magazines, and other library materials) checked out from MMS Library at a time.
  • Magazines circulate overnight.
  • Books are checked out for ten school days, with additional ten-day renewal periods. Books cannot be renewed if another student has placed a hold waiting on the book in question.
  • Reference materials are for in library use.
  • Students must hand in a completed AV Checkout Form with parent signature to check out multimedia kits.

Library Fines and Overdue Policy

Students are responsible for the reasonable care and prompt return of books and library materials they borrow. MMS Library imposes no overdue fines for late books and materials.  However, students are responsible for the books and materials they have borrowed.  Fines will be assessed for cost of missing or damaged items.  Overdue library materials and fines on a student account will limit the student's ability to check out library materials.  Students must bring any library materials with them to renew.

Library Rules

  • Show care when using all library resources.
  • Eat your food or snack before you enter the library. Water bottles are okay at the table.
  • Come to the library with a pass/signed agenda unless you are with a class group.
  • Bring your lunch pass when you come after eating lunch. You must stay in the library until the end of the lunch period. Lunch passes are available at the circulation desk every morning.
  • Print only what you really need at our black laser printer (limit - 5 pages of text).
  • You need permission from a librarian or teacher who is in the library each time before you go to your e-mail account to send or retrieve an assignment.
  • Personal devices are not allowed in the MMS Library.  If you need a personal device to complete an assignment, please get written permission from the classroom teacher that includes a rationale for using the device.
  • Video games are not permitted on the  MMS Library or LCC computers and Chromebooks. 

Student Expectations

Students can access the library individually or with their classes throughout the school day as well as before school, at lunch, and after school. When accessing the library individually, students are expected to work quietly and independently. Student expectations for using the library are as follows:


  • Yourself
  • Others
  • The library area
  • Library materials

On Task

  • Reading or studying
  • Browsing for books
  • School assigned research, projects, and homework

Quiet Voices

Guidelines for Printing Images in Color or Black and White

Image printing for school projects, whether color or black and white, is done through department printers. Your teacher will be able to help you with this. Please contact your teacher for image and printing requirements.

Librarian Services

  • Build and maintain a user-friendly Moscow Middle School Library Website.
  • Develop a library collection that supports the needs of the Moscow Middle School community.
  • Co-teach with classroom teachers mini-lessons on relevant topics.
  • Provide information literacy instruction as needed individually or to a whole classroom group.
  • Prepare resource carts for classroom use.
  • Create custom resource collections.
  • Help students with their informational needs.
  • Compile and print bibliographies for staff.
  • Maintain an accurate electronic library catalog.
  • Monitor make-up quizzes and tests.
  • Plan and coordinate library programs that encourage the use of the library and reading.
  • Provide inter-library loans for students and staff.
  • Provide open study hall before school, at lunch, and after school.
  • Select, order, and process books, periodicals, newspapers, and other materials.
  • Generate, print, and distribute overdue and hold notices.
  • Set-up equipment for teachers in the library or LCC, including video and audio equipment.

Library and Library Computer Center (LCC) Use Procedures

Class Group Use

The Library (main hall) and the Library Computer Center (LCC) are busy places. Teachers can sign up and hold class in the main hall or in the LCC. The LCC and the main hall are filled on a first come, first served basis. No more than two class groups (one group per computer area) plus drop-in students may share the library facilities at a time. The sign-up sheet for the main room and the LCC is available online.  Please request the link from the librarian. 

Individual/Small Group Use

Teachers may send up to five students at a time to work in the library or to check out books.  Students who are unaccompanied by their teacher are responsible for their own behavior in the Library. Students are greeted as they enter the room, asked if they need help, and asked what they will be working on. Students who are off-task or interfere with others will be sent back to the regular classroom. Teachers may also send individual students for make-up quizzes and tests. 

Chromebook Check Out

Chromebooks can be checked out on a first come, first served basis with scheduled Library and LCC lab sessions having first priority.   Whole class use of the labs is scheduled using the shared link provided by the librarian. Teachers may send individual students to check out and use Chromebooks in the classroom with the following guidelines:
*Chromebooks will only be checked out to individual students if the library has enough for prearranged class sessions (maximum of 5 per teacher).
*Students wishing to check out a Chromebook will need to have a permission note from the teacher.
* Chromebooks need to be returned to the library before the bell rings.