Watching the Grass Grow

Construction at the new Moscow School District Community Play Fields at Joseph Street is finished.  This cooperative effort between the city of Moscow and the school district will benefit Moscow sports teams and allow us to host tournaments for the benefit of the whole community.  There is also a new walking path that is already being used.  The grass on the play field is green and growing.  So why can’t the play fields be used until Spring of 2016?  The grass is made up of a mix of perennial species of wear tolerant bluegrass, turf type tall fescue, and pseudo-stoloniferous perennial ryegrass.  They get started slower because they are wired to survive for the long haul.  So this first year those perennial grasses are putting down roots and building reserves so that they can fill in, get thicker, and get tough to stick around for many years to come.  If hundreds of kids stomp on those fields before the perennials are ready, we end up with weak turf that we are constantly struggling to replace.  This project was a long time in coming and we know that it’s hard to just watch the grass grow but that’s exactly what is needed for a long lasting set of fields that we can all be proud of.

Kim Garland Campbell

USDA-ARS Wheat Breeding

Moscow School District Board Member


Website Under Construction

Dear Moscow School District Stakeholders,

As you know we are trying to improve our website and it has taken a bit longer than expected. We believe when we get the site up and running at its utmost capability you will see it as a very helpful tool as a parent, community member, or just someone interested in what is happening in the Moscow Schools. Please bear with us during this transition. Thank you.

You can see the summary results of our website survey by clicking on the link below.

MSD 281 Website Survey



Greg Bailey


Your School District Is Planning For the Future


At Moscow School District we have always referred to ourselves as, “The Pride of the North”. With the help of our staff, community, and students we have worked together to develop a school district that is known in Idaho as being one of the best. We know it takes ongoing reviewing, planning, and guided action to allow us to continually improve and we are doing this through a pilot program with the State of Idaho to complete a system-wide accreditation.

We are working with AdvancED services to review stakeholder feedback, student and staff data, and past accomplishments to determine and identify the strengths and weaknesses of our schools and district. Once this information is complete, we will be audited by an outside committee of professionals that will assess our efforts and provide feedback to help us in our desire to provide the best for our community.