Participant Enrollment

Any kindergarten through fifth grader may enroll in the Adventure Club’s Afterschool Program as long as the child can be transported to and/or picked up at an Adventure Club site. Children entering the kindergarten through seventh grades may enroll in the Adventure Club’s Summer Program.

Important Information

The Handbook: Information regarding billing, enrollment changes, expectations of parents/guardians and children.

Program Calendar: Special events during the school year and daily, detailed schedules during the summer months.

Families register online on a monthly basis. The Adventure Club’s enrollment system is evolving, and this process will continue to develop. You may download a calendar calculator to find out your monthly prepayment.

Tuition: $8.50/Afterschool Day & $24.50/Non-School Day.  A 25% discount will be given to families participating in the free and reduced lunch programs.


Please follow the numbered steps below to successfully enroll:

  1. 2018-2019 Afterschool Enrollment Agreement: Provides permissions & handbook acknowledgement. May also complete a site upon arrival on first day.
  2. Important Contact, Allergy, and Permission Information: Please complete this demographic information and update as needed by returning to the automatic email confirmation.
  3. November 2018 & December 2018 Please select the enrollment dates for your child. A separate form must be completed for each child.Please save the emailed enrollment confirmation to make enrollment changes (i.e.,, an email with the subject pertaining to that month's enrollment like "August 2018 Summer Enrollment"). lf you need to make changes to your enrollment, press the Edit Response button and press Submit when done. All enrollment changes must be made via the form.  
  4. Prepay with Instant Payments: Pay your bill instantly and without fees or mail to the District Office at: Business Office, Moscow School District #281, 650 N. Cleveland Street, Moscow, Idaho 83843. You may also take checks and cash to the Business Office. You must pay-as-you-go, paying for all enrollment days immediately. Paying online expedites the process.  Please write a description of what the payment is for on the payment itself (e.g., July 2018, September 2018, etc.)
  5. The free/reduced lunch discount is only available to families outside of the Moscow School District if proof of free/reduced lunch participation is emailed to David prior to attendance.  
Adventure Club Calendar Calculators in Excel for November 2018 & December 2018: Figure out which days of the month your child needs to attend the Adventure Club by using the calendar calculator.  

Additional Summer & Participant Documents
  • Authorized Adult Pick-Up Form: Parents/Guardians must complete an Authorized Adults survey for each person approved to pick up your child or children. Ask David for the survey link and he will email the URL to you. The security door system requires a continuously updated list of approved adults.

  • University of Idaho Climbing Center Waiver: Needs to be completed for each child going to the UI Climbing Center.