Participant Enrollment

Any kindergarten through fifth grader may enroll in the Adventure Club’s Afterschool Program as long as the child can be transported to and/or picked up at an Adventure Club site. Children entering the kindergarten through sixth grades may enroll in the Adventure Club Summer Program.

2019-2020 Afterschool Adventure Club registration is now available to all children attending elementary schools in Moscow.

Adventure Club Registration & Enrollment

The Handbook: Information regarding billing, enrollment changes, expectations of parents/guardians and children.

2019-2020 Non-School Days Flyer

Program Calendar: Special events during the school year and daily, detailed schedules during the summer months.

2019-2020 Non-School Full Days:

  • Oct 3-4
  • Oct 31-Nov 1
  • Nov 25-26
  • Jan 2-3
  • Jan 24 & 27
  • March 16-20
  • April 3

Enrollment on school closure dates will be separate from afterschool enrollment in the parent portal:

2019-2020 Non-School Days 


Morning Craft/Activity

Morning Game


Oct 3


Skittles Straw Game



Oct 4

Wooden Tops




Oct 31

Straw Maze

Ships & Islands


Water Reclamation &

Reuse Facility


Nov 1

Watercolor Shapes

Bean Bag Slide Tag



Nov 25

Pinecone Holiday Trees


Sharks & Minnows

UI Swim Center

Nov 26

Wood Projects

Band Aid Tag


UI Climbing Center

Jan 2

Foil Painting

Keep It Up


UI Climbing Center

Jan 3


Parachute Games


UI Swim Center

Jan 24

Scratch Art

Cross the Alligator Swamp



Jan 27


Clean Your Room



March 16

Spin Art

What time is it, Mr. Fox?


UI Swim Center

March 17

Ladybug Rocks

Capture the Flag


UI Climbing Center

March 18

Glycerin Soap

Steal the Bacon



March 19

Canvas Painting




March 20

Pompom Caterpillars

Spoon Relay


April 3

Paper Kites

Turtle Tag