First Quarter 2019-20


September Program: Do It Yourself (DIY)

Be an innovator with help from the MMS Library.  Whether you like to create, build, design, modify or invent we have a book for you. 

Featured book topics
  • Crafts

  • Science experiments

  • Simple engineering projects

  • Cooking

  • Drawing

  • Photography

  • Decorating 

October Program: Spooktacular

Get Caught Up in a Good Book

For the month of October we have spooky and non-spooky fun for everyone. We will begin by carving out time to read with thrillers. These books give me the creeps! So, choose wisely or you may be sleeping with the lights on!

Image of jack-o-lantern made out of books
 Image of the "Orange Book" display for the MMS Library
Featured books for October
  • Thrillers
  • Humorous scary
  • Orange books (books with orange covers) 
 Image of a student created packing peanut sculpture
  • Monster corner bookmarks
  • Leaf painting and leaf rubbing 
  • Collaborative art - accordion leaf collage
 STEAM Activity
  • Packing peanut art
  • Balloon powered race cars
  • Catapults