Research Model for Moscow School District

Moscow School District, Grades 6-8

Step One - Discovery

  • Teachers and/or teacher-librarians identify initial sources
  • Students generate keywords, Boolean operators, phrases, search techniques
  • Students locate and evaluate sources
  • Students begin with encyclopedias, books, periodicals; then they continue using Websites, indexes, databases
  • Students read, print, take notes, refine keywords, search techniques

Step Two - Essential Questions

  • Students develop main research question(s) to guide research: Why? How? Which is best?
  • Students develop subtopic questions
  • Students continue locating and evaluating information and sources

Step Three - Refining Research

  • Teachers and/or teacher-librarians lead students in use of MLA format, including page numbers, parenthetical documentation, quotes
  • Students record sources/citations
  • Students record note facts
  • Students identify validity and reliability of sources:Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, Purpose
  • Students review essential question(s)
  • Students identify gaps in research (return to sources/add to sources)

Step Four - Organize - Sort - Evaluate Information

  • Students synthesize information
  • Students organize (and reorganize) notes into categories
  • Students structure or outline the information
  • Teachers select product/presentation formats

Step Five - Product/Presentation

  • Students write, edit, and finish their work
  • Students present their product/presentation
  • Students conduct peer review/response
  • Teachers give final evaluation

Step Six - Self-Reflection

  • Students consider their process and their product
  • What went well?
  • What would ‘I' have done differently?
  • How has my understanding of the topic changed?