Section I - Internal Operations

Policy Range 1000-1009 | Organization of Moscow School District 281
1138-1139 | Nepotism Policy

1138.00 | Basic Policy The District shall not employ any person in a position where such employee would be under the direct supervision of such employee's relative. Relatives are defined to include spouse, significant other, child, brother, sister, parent, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, cousin, or corresponding in-law or step relative.

  • 1138.10 | Teachers shall be deemed to be under the direct supervision of their building principal, not assistant principal. Special Education teachers shall be deemed to be under the direct supervision of both their building principal and the Special Services Director.
  • 1138.20 | In the event that two employees become involved in a family or domestic relationship, every effort will be made to reasonably accommodate a transfer before reassignment.
  • 1138.30 | When any relative of any trustee or trustee's spouse related by marriage or blood within the second degree is considered for employment in the District, such trustee shall abstain from voting in the hiring of the relative. The trustee shall be absent from the meeting while such employment is being considered and determined. [Idaho Code 33-507]
1140-1145 | Loitering on School Grounds

1140.00 | Basic Policy Loitering or conduct by any person that disrupts the educational process and/or is detrimental to the morals, health, safety, academic learning, or discipline of pupils is prohibited. [Idaho Code 33-512 (11)

  • 1140.01 | Anyone who is not a student or a staff member of the District and who is on school grounds during the work day must secure permission to visit from the principal or his/her designee. Those who fail to do so shall be considered as loiterers under the terms of Idaho Code 33-512 (11)
  • 1140.02 | Persons who by their presence, words, and/or actions, disrupt or interfere with the educational process during the school day or at a school sponsored event or activity, shall be considered in violation of Idaho Code 33-512 (11).
  • 1140.03 | The Board authorizes the superintendent, the principal, or the principal's designee to report those who are in violation of Idaho Code 33-512 (11) to the Moscow Police Department and to file a complaint with the police and the prosecuting attorney's office on behalf of the Board.