2019-2020 AP Form C

Name _________________________________

       Period _______



Form C

Using an Internet News Source


Review a national news story using an on-line news source such as NBC news.com, CNN.com, Foxnews.com, POLITICO or an on-line news magazine such as Time, Newsweek or US News and World Report.


Attach a printout of the story to the back of this form.



On-line news source/URL: ________________________________________________________________


Article Title: ___________________________________________________________________________


Contributor: ____________________________________________________________________________


Access Date: __________________



Briefly, but completely, summarize the important issue(s) in the story.










Who are the people or groups involved in the article?  Provide specific titles/offices held as well as names.






If the article presents a problem—what would you suggest to resolve it?  If the article provides information, how will you use it?  Provide a complete explanation of your views.