Welcome to West Park Elementary

West Park School

We Are Unique

West Park Elementary is the only primary school in the Moscow School District. It is also a Title I school. It is located adjacent to the University of Idaho and 8 miles from Washington State University. West Park has a high number of multi-cultural students due to its proximity to the University. There are many opportunities for additional support and enrichment from University personnel, students and facilities. The staff is highly educated and experienced.

What Makes West Park Unique?

  • K-2 primary school
  • K+ Extended kindergarten program
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Experienced and vibrant teaching staff
  • Location – Paradise Creek, U of I , parks
  • Volunteers – Interns
  • Fully accredited
  • Reading math and academic success
  • Differentiated instruction based on experience and data
  • Sound field systems in all classrooms
  • Wireless network with laptops to be accessed anywhere in the building
  • Each classroom has its own mini computer lab set up
  • iPads are being integrated into different classrooms
  • Building fed with fiber optic backbone for the fastest internet possible
  • Document cameras and projectors
  • Full version of Renaissance Place (AR, AM, others)
  • Individualized, data driven instruction
  • Small Class sizes