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Faye Nagler
Office: Lena Whitmore Elementary School
Office phone: 208-882-2621
Email: naglerf@msd281.org


◊ A.B. McDonald Elementary Library:
        Media Specialist – Jeanne Sanford, 208-882-0228
◊ Lena Whitmore Elementary Library:
       Media Specialist – Jeni Fereday, 208-882-2612
◊ Russell Elementary Library:
       Media Specialist – Fran Trevisan, 208-882-2715
◊ West Park Elementary Library:
      Media Specialist – Anita Thorsteinson, 208-882-2714


Moscow School District Library Media Services mission is to lead our learning community by fostering 21st century literacy in an environment that challenges students to imagine possibilities, explore opportunities and connect with the future and the world.


Moscow School District Library Media Services envisions a program where students will attain knowledge and skills to become accomplished readers, independent learners, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and informed citizens through the expertise of school librarians in collaboration with classroom teachers, using the resources and services provided by Moscow School District.

updated Nov,17 2014